’s not that surprising to me that Rob Zombie and the Weinsteins would see eye to eye; the brothers W started their careers producing rock concerts in Buffalo, New York, so they have the musical backgrounds in common.

They see eye to eye enough that Zombie has signed on to a two picture deal with Dimension Films, aka ‘The Profitable Arm of the Weinstein Company.’ This is before Zombie’s remake of Halloween opens this weekend, which is smart for Zombie, if the film ends up received as poorly as I think it will be.

Still, Halloween will make money, as will whatever Zombie does next for the Bros W. I just hope that his next projects are more in line with The Devil’s Rejects – ie, good – as opposed to Halloween. Even after suffering through that movie I believe that Zombie is a legit cinematic talent, and I look forward to seeing what else he can do. God knows it can’t be worse than Halloween.