So, you’ve seen Jurassic Park. I’ve seen Jurassic Park. Really all you need to know is “Jurassic Park is in 3D” to know whether or not you’re going to see it. Still, trailers must happen, dates must be spread, so here we are with a trailer for a movie everyone knows, with a new date and some 3D tags…

Obviously my investment in Jurassic Park as a whole is very great, and even without spending months on a Jurassic Park live show I would be only one of many millions that love the film. This is going to be a big re-release, 3D love or hate┬ánotwithstanding. This trailer does a good job of rekindling that love- ┬áthe film has never looked better. It’s also great fun to see this familiar footage cut with contemporary trailer sensibilities- teaser editors are nothing now if not experts on cutting blockbuster spectacle while leaning heavily on brand nostalgia, no?

Will it be the biggest 3D re-release yet? Very possible. Will it look good? Certainly seems that way, but be’ll have to wait and find out. I have a hunch they went out of their way not to screw up a Spielberg classic though.

We’ll all know on April 5th of next year.