“I think half of my life has been spent trying to decide what movie to watch.” – Amanda Tague

She has a point. I don’t want to think about how many hours I’ve spent in front of my dvd collection, eyes idly gliding up and down the shelves, trying to find that one perfect movie to scratch my itch. Right now, I’m after a background movie, some piece of ambience to play out while I dick around on the internet before I drift off to sleep. A follow-up movie to Lethal Weapon 2, which I just finished.

Reservoir Dogs? Too talky. All they do in that fucking movie is talk talk talk talk talk talk talk. How many talks is that? A lot. I wanna look up from my e-mail and SEE something.

Falling Down? Nah, I’ll save that for when I revisit Joel Schumacher’s entire filmography. I keep meaning to do that, in an effort to figure out where the hell Falling Down came from. Does he have anything that even comes remotely close to that? Talk about an odd duck in his filmography, it opens with a fucking Fellini reference fer Chrissakes.

Maybe a Robert Altman movie. Robert Altman movies are good for late nights like these, something like The Long Goodbye or M*A*S*H, something with a sprawling narrative. Why don’t I own Nashville? I should own Nashville. That’d be perfect. Nashville is the definition of sprawling narrative. Dammit, why don’t I own Nashville? “Nashville” is one of those words that, if you type it enough times, it starts to look mispelled.

I need some new stand-up comedy DVD’s. They’re excellent background movies, but I’ve already seen Eddie Murphy: Raw, Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker and The Kings of Comedy a thousand times. I wonder if Bring the Pain, Delirious, Bill Cosby, Himself or maybe even Eddie Izzard’s Dressed to Kill are available for cheap. I don’t like paying full price for movies. I haven’t paid full price for a movie in almost a year.

Ronin. Let’s go with Ronin. I haven’t seen Ronin since I bought it back in 2003. I think I liked Ronin a lot. It’s time to give Ronin another spin.