Here’s the thing- everyone and their cousin are going to be able to dig up meetings Lucas has had with interesting people and read that as a sign the person is on their way to helming Star Wars. With an empire as vast and complex as Lucasfilm though, there are all kinds of endeavors that the first time director of Safety Not Guaranteed, Colin Trevorrow, could be meeting Lucas about.

Still, Celebuzz is not only interpreting a meeting between these two in the last few months as a sign that Trevorrow is in the director-chair running (possibly lead by Matthew Vaughn, but debunked by some journalists), but they’re outright stating that they know he’s on the short-list.

I’m Nate Silver confident that Trevorrow is not going to be directing Star Wars VII, but taking the news at face value for a moment: would he be a good guy for the job?

Safety Not Guaranteed is a movie I’ve quietly kept my mouth shut about all year, as geeks have gushed and the critical consensus has shined like gold. I thought the movie was entirely predictable, rarely funny, and built around characters that I didn’t find particularly pleasant to watch, but none of that with such a passion that I felt it necessary to strike out against the tiny film (that has since grown)-hence the not a peep as the film’s been trumpeted across the ole blogosphere.

All of this to say, I don’t know that Trevorrow is quite ready to tackle a massive blockbuster, even if we all like the idea of character and heart in our tentpoles and so the idea of a guy that made a small, cute movie seems like good studio priorities. The problem is, we saw how that shit turned out with The Amazing Spider-Man.

Perhaps you feel differently? Let me know in the comments.