More Hobbit stuff!

It’s all going to keep dribbling out over the next month, but along with the routine stills coming from Peter Jackson’s first 33% of The Hobbit, there’s also a new FAQ for those unfamiliar with all this 48FPS business.

I’m not entirely sure why this is even necessary considering how tightly WB is apparently planning to allow high-frame-rate screenings, with some whispers that it will be difficult to catch such a showing even in LA. Even the great geek-proclaimed arbiters of the grand theatrical experience –the Alamo Drafthouse chain–  will be showing in the film solely at 24fps.

Still, there will be some out there, and any film fan not so crammed up their own ass that they believe they know better than the filmmaker based on some blogs from a year ago and the general sense of what those shitty TVs at Best Buy look like will want to give the format a shot. If you get the chance and perhaps need to break down what all this means for a friend, here’s a handy  guide.

And here are some more stills to spice things up, and a new TV spot below. Don’t worry, there will be more soon.


via /Film and JoBlo