morning CHUD’s own Jeremy Smith sat down for a one on one interview with Oscar winner Paul Haggis to talk about his new grab for the gold, In the Valley of Elah. Jeremy and Paul talked about that film, of course, but conversation eventually had to turn to the next James Bond film, which Haggis would again be writing. Specifically Jeremy asked him if the rumors that had been circulating – that the next Bond would be a little jokier and more in line with the campy entries of the 80s – were true.

Jeremy’s out being a Hollywood partyboy right now, but he got me on the phone to tell me what Haggis’ response to that was: ‘No.’ As far as Paul Haggis is concerned, the next Bond film will be completely in line with the last one, tonally.

Expect Jeremy’s full report from the In the Valley of Elah junket and his exclusive one on one with Haggis just as soon as he sobers up and makes his way home from Tijuana.