Back in the 80’s when you’d buy a mystery box of comics there was always one or two great things in there surrounded by absolute puke. Sure you’d get a Frank Miller in his prime offering but there’d also be Sachs & Violens, Warlord, US1, and Elfquest.

Though a fabulous story about creator owned success by Wendy and Richard Pini, the comic itself was a leaden affair mired by awful character designs and a complete lack of understanding that elves are dogshit. Yet it continues. People who hate success and a satisfied audience have kept trying to make a feature based on Elfquest but faster than you can say “God Please No” something jammed the project into development Helf.

Enter the makers of a fanflick based on Elfquest. Actually don’t enter them because imagine the offspring.

But check ‘em out because they totally did a fan flick of Elfquest, but instead of being in the low rent Hall of Shame section of the Dragon*Con floor they’ve been granted the keys to the kingdom by the Pinis and have announced that they have procured the rights to the elven franchise. A cruel joke? Nope, Variety is reporting it.

Now I can’t be too aghast about this. I’ve spent the better part of two decades trying to get my own shitty projects and comics and ideas made into movies. More power to the folks that try. But man, I grew up on independent comics and Elfquest was given numerous tries and it took numerous shits on my eyes.

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