, a site owned by Fox, has the exclusive red band trailer for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, the latest awful movie from Fox. Synergy!

You can click here to see the trailer slowly buffer on a Rupert Murdoch-owned server (or maybe it’s just me; I’m on a wireless network that could be speedier, I guess) and get a gander at what Fox would have brought to Comic Con if there wasn’t all that fussing and fighting about R-rated material being played to kids whose lives are already fucked, since their parents are attending Comic Con dressed as a character from Tripping the Rift.

How does it look? Who gives a shit – the most talented people in Hollywood are the people cutting trailers like this. I’m sure that we have now officially seen every good moment in the film, and that when these good moments are placed in the context of a bad script, shitty acting and poor direction that they’ll be only half as good as they are here. We got an email from someone who worked on the movie who told us that while he doesn’t think it’s a work of great quality, he does believe that it could have a spot on a future CHUD Guilty Pleasures list – which would be a major step up from the first Alien vs Predator, which was not just stupid and poorly made but really dull as well. Still, how sad is it when you’re hoping a movie that teams two of the great modern monsters will be ridiculous and silly?