Flight had a refreshing approach to liquor and beer in its portrayal of alcoholism: It showed the bottles.

Real bottles, not some dumb made up shit. It’s refreshing to watch a movie and not see every label turned away and see the brands we know portrayed as they ought to be. The bottles are harmless. The brands are beaten over our heads every damn day in advertisements that oftentimes do everything BUT explain the power of the booze. Budweiser, when they aren’t making awful tasting beers, apparently watches movies and gets their panties in a wad. Flight showed their products along the way as it showed a man who made bad decisions with such products and the ramifications of those decisions. In a way, Flight does Budweiser’s work for it. Alcoholism is a disease, but one which heavily factor’s in the individual’s ability to control their impulses. The utopia Budweiser sells in their ads enables alcoholics. It sells them the dream.

So Flight used their products. I think it’s safe to say that no one is going to see this movie and stop buying the products Denzel Washington uses. In fact, it’ll probably make them proud to see their brand on the big screen. When I saw Cutty Sark up there I instantly was reminded how much better the shit I drink is than it. When I saw Budweiser I was reminded I have a case of Innis & Gunn Spiced Rum Aged waiting at home.

Budweiser is insisting that Paramount obscures their product in the film.

What a crock of shit. In fact, if the film helps one person curb their destructive drinking or teaches one person about the severity of the act of risking lives under the influence then it’s safe to say Budweiser ought to be thanking the makers of the film. It’s not like it’s Van Wilder, and the film is glorifying drunken antics. It’s showing both the allure and reward of booze as well as moderation.Hypocrites.

What I’m saying is that Budweiser can go suck a dick.