Recipe for bad holiday horror:
On <Holiday> someone dresses up like <Historical or Narrative-Relevant Character> and kills <Usually 12> people before being finished off by <Malcom McDowell>.

I think we need to stage an intervention for Mr. McDowell. This guy was directed by Kubrick and now he’s chewing up parts in schlock like this Silent Night, Deadly Night remake (simply called Silent Night). You’d think after two consecutive Rob Zombie Halloween train wrecks it’d be out of his system by now. But it gets worse. Up next IMDB has him starring in Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark, The Spider, Vampires of Hollywood and something called Monster Butler. Lugosi didn’t even sink this low, and he was friends with Ed Wood.

This looks like the sort of film you’d see on sale at the gas station:

Source: Slashfilm