Warner’s sent over two new one-sheets today. One for a film you’d all better see (The Assassination of Jesse James) and one for a film that, well, if you want to see it, go ahead. And I had to add a third that I’d seen floating around for a week or two, and since it’s for a Warner’s flick as well, why the hell not?

First up is the new Jesse James one-sheet. I believe Devin when he says that this isn’t a faux-Malick flick, but this image makes it far more clear than even the last one that Warner’s is courting Malick’s audience. Replace the heads of Affleck and Pitt with Richard Gere and Brooke Adams and this could be a Days of Heaven poster.

Then there’s the P.S. I Love You poster, upon which we see a clever variation on the Big Heads design. Furthermore, I really feel as if Gerard Butler is pining more for some AI sauce to put on Swank’s ear than for anything else. Which is great, since he’s dead in the movie. And those trendy/sexy wristbands? They’re Persian.

Finally, have the Japanese one-sheet for The Brave One, just because it’s narrowly better than the one we got for the US release.