Big news last week that Tim brought us on Disney acquiring the Star Wars franchise. Did my head explode Scanners style? Fuck no. I’ve always been a Star Trek guy. Sure, I love the original Star Wars trilogy, but I’m not a fanatic over it. The prequel trilogy was also pretty crappy, and I was pretty “eh” over them when I saw them in the theaters.

Well, after news that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher had advance notice that there was going to be a continuation of the franchise, now word is getting out from “sources” that Harrison Ford is interested in coming back as everyone’s favorite rascally anti-hero who probably influenced a lot of guys to tell girls “I know.” when the girl told them they loved them, and instead of getting a kiss or smile, they fumed and ran off.

As I’ve been following this news, his status on it is what’s interested me the most, since he’s been taking it easy and doing maybe 1 film a year, and hasn’t really done anything truly fun in a long time (except for Hollywood Homicide which I friggin’ love and is unjustly hated.)

So apparently his being on board depends on the script and who the director is. It’s also rumored that this may be a passing on the torch kind of thing where Luke, Han, and Leia become background characters, while newer blood takes over.

Yeah, take all this with a grain of salt until something solid comes out of this.

Source: Cinema Blend