’ve read the reviews for No Country for Old Men. We’ve seen some footage. We knew the Coens were making a comeback this year.

But did you think they were gonna be this vicious about it?

This just released red band trailer for No Country for Old Men is a thing of relentless beauty. There’s an attempt to recall the deadpan humor of the Coens best dark comedies (Blood Simple and Fargo), but it seems disingenuous. This movie looks downright mean and humorless. And I don’t know what evil spirit possessed Javier Bardem for the duration of this shoot, but here’s hoping it can’t pass the Texas state line. Holy hell, does this guy look evil!

The Coens’ next move, Burn After Reading, is Roman Holiday compared to this trailer. But if I were as talented as the Coens, and my last two movies were Intolerable Cruelty and The Ladykillers, I’d be pissed off, too. To answer your question, unless you’ve got credentials for the upcoming film festivals in Venice, Toronto and New York, you’ll be waiting until November 21st to see this bad boy. And unless I can comfortably couch surf for two weeks in Manhattan next month, I’ll be suffering along with you.

Time to watch this fucker again…