This may sound stupid, but Silver Linings Playbook is one of those movies that would be really, really bad were it not so good. It’s a film that plays fast and loose with a cutesy interpretation of what are actually very ugly and difficult-to-handle mental issues, but manages to do so in an extremely effective, hilarious, and touching way that still manages to hit at some reality if you close your eyes and imagine these aren’t the prettiest white people on the planet.

This all comes down to O. Russell’s ability and the chemistry of Cooper and Lawrence, but this is all stuff I talk about in my Savannah Film Festival review. What’s new today is word that The Weinstein Company has decided to bump up the opening of the film to November 16th, which will start off the film’s run for commercial success and critical acclaim. The 10 city opening is just the start of the platforming, so it going up against Lincoln shouldn’t stop it from claiming high per-theater averages and getting the momentum rolling. Nor is the move specifically against that other great Oscar contender- that bloody battle will take place after the new year begins.

Really this is only a week sooner than its planned opening, but don’t mistake it- this is the beginning of a very strategic few months in which the Weinsteins will wage war to get this thing Oscar gold. It’s the right kind of thing to drive up the middle and to the podium, and the brothers will be working hard through the next three months to make it happen, just you watch.

I’ll update this when I find a hard list of the 10 cities in which it opens on November 16th, but if you suspect your town might be one of the big-enough markets, keep your eyes peeled. It’s already sneaking in some places (I see a screening tonight here in Atlanta) so I suspect it won’t be hard for you to find a showing soon.


Source | Indiewire