if Martin Scorsese wanted to shoot a Rolling Stones concert, but Mick Jagger balked at the idea of too many cameras whizzing about? What would Marty do? WHAT WOULD HE DO!?!?

Judging from this new trailer for Shine a Light, this appears to be the central tension of Scorsese’s Rolling Stones documentary – which will combine live performances from an "historic" show at New York City’s Beacon Theater with archival footage culled from the band’s illustrious, media-friendly past. For me, the real story is whether Marty will be able to jolt some life into the leaden spectacle of sixtysomethings trying to recapture the vigor of their forties (when they were mounting their fourth or fifth "comeback" with Steel Wheels). True, Mick and the boys are shockingly animated for their age, but it’s impossible to deny that the music and the "act" required to put it over grows less inspiring with each passing year. And "Jumpin’ Jack Flash", which is supposed to kick this trailer into gear, has never sounded worse.

The one potentially redeeming quality about the Beacon show is that it was intended for hardcore Stones fans (like Bill Clinton), which means they’re performing lesser known songs like "Loving Cup" and "Live With Me". Seeing as how Exile On Main Street and Let It Bleed are my two very favorite Stones LPs, this is encouraging. Seeing as how they’re performing said tunes with, respectively, Jack White and Christina Aguilera… oh, why the hell not! What’s not to love about Mick grinding his crotch into a Aguilera’s tights-clad ass? Just be thankful he’s not doing the same to White.

Shine a Light was due out this fall, but it’s now been pushed to April 2008. As this wasn’t expected to be a serious awards contender, I doubt this re-scheduling has anything to do with the quality of the movie.