It’s cute that it looks like they took this in front of a hotel’s green-screen tourist picture booth, and that there’s so much shiny material flossin’ out the suits of Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, and┬áKevin Kline – stars of the Jon Turtletaub film Last Vegas.

This picture alone sells “The Hangover with olds” and that’s pretty much the full premise too. Expect it to make coin.

I also happen to know that the cast will get injected with some fresher blood by way of a concierge that hooks these guys up throughout the film, and that the role will be going to someone with some swag (read: young person appeal). I don’t get to break that casting scoop though, lest I be sued into the stone age, so keep an eye out for it.

If you want to keep up with the film, the Facebook page (which put out this image) is here.