only this were
1997 instead of 2007…you remember 1997, don’t you? The music world was on the
verge of being overrun with kooky rap/metal combinations. Limp Biskit had just
released their debut album, Three Dollar Bill, Yall$, to a
chilly reception that got mighty warmer once they released its carcinogenic
cover of George Michael’s “Faith” as a single. On the rap side of things, Ice
Cube was working with Limp Biskit’s pals Korn on two songs that they would
divide between their respective next records. What could be cooler than having
gangsta rap-aping rockers get up with gangsta rappers, right? Huh? Right?

Through the mercy
of time and changing tastes, the world moved on. But Ice Cube and Fred Durst still
had bills to pay, so Cube mostly shelved his one-note solo career in order to
tap into a one-note acting/producing career. Durst, on the other hand, attached
himself to a kazillion different projects (the most notable being Lords
of Dogtown
) as a director, only to see them either slip away to other
helmers or languish in his own development Hell (or as people who like movies
refer to, Heaven). Now, it’s all about to go away because Cube has thrown Durst
a lifeline in the form of a directing gig for yet another “inspired by a true
story” sports flick.

You may remember
that Cube’s last film announcement was a sports drama based on footballer Tebucky
Jones. Now, Dimension Films and Cube are fast-tracking Comeback, where Cube
would play a former high school football star who helps his young niece become the
first Pop Warner female quarterback ever. Mwaaaaaawwww. Actually, I mean,

treacly-sounding mess will start up in late November.