In the review of Lincoln I have locked and loaded in the chamber –ready to pull the trigger the moment that Embargo breaks– I compare it to something like a glorious political heist film in which the genius and character of Lincoln are revealed through action. It is a film that is almost entirely about the passage of the 13th Amendment, with details of Lincoln’s personal life only darting in and out of the story as it is relevant to his mission. This new UK trailer is a much more representative look at that film than they’ve yet put out, as it sells exactly the movie I describe in no uncertain terms.

If you’re already going to see the movie the moment it’s released, then skip this trailer. Historical drama though it may be, there’s too much beauty in the film for it to be first seen in a low-res box on the internet and too much joy in how things play out for your to ruin specific beats for yourself. But if you’re foolish enough to be on the fence for any reason, this trailer tells you all you need to know.


via Awards Daily