Back in September it was known that Wes Anderson had his hopes up to rope in the amazing (and not dead) Jeff Goldblum for his next feature. Some of those initial casting hopes haven’t turned out (or at least haven’t been confirmed) though, so it’s great news to hear from the horse’s mouth that Mr. Goldblum will indeed be heading out to France in January to join the cast of Grand Budapest Hotel.

If you’ve not kept up- the film is a late 1920s period piece that will pay tribute to the work of Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch with a story taking place in Hungary.

Along with Goldblum today, Saoirse Ronan was the last appropriately quirky face to officially join, with the cast rounding off with Bill Murray, Jude Law, Owen Wilson, Ralph Fiennes, and Jason Schwartzman.

There’s no date for the film quite yet, but we’ll let you know…


via Film Stage