up to Carla
Gugino casting news is like waking up as a child Christmas morning, only
instead of frenzied glee as I tear into presents, it’s more me tearing through
Google Search to enjoy her well-photographed self. I’m dignified like that. But
as an adult, I do have responsibility to get a grip and focus on the casting
news. In this case, that’s not such a bad thing.

She’s just joined
the cast of Righteous Kill, the DeNiro/Pacino cop thriller on the way from
the glorious Millennium Films. DeNiro will be reasserting his manliness (after Stardust,
y’know) with Gugino playing his love interest, “a crime scene investigator with
a dark personal life.” Forget the “re”…just “assert the manliness”, Bobby. Our
lady Gugino brightens up most anything she’s in, but with this and Watchmen
on the docket, she’s got a real nice….slate coming up.

But the film, you say? What about this film? Dunno. Russell Gerwitz (Inside Man) is writing it. That’s good. Jon Avnet is directing and Millenium Films is behind it. That’s not quite as good. But with this cast, are you really even going to consider skipping it anyway? Doubtful.