Answers to a few questions I’ve been getting over and over about my MCP coverage-

“Do you EVER give a game a bad score?”

Well… yeah.

The last ones I truly ripped into were probably Blacksite and Manhunt 2 (when they were advertising on the site, no less)  but you know, it has been a while. There’s been some incredible games coming out over the last year or so, but I can at least understand this complaint. No one wants to read positive review after positive review. In my defense I’ll point to the fact that I think ratings systems are useless (what’s the point of all those words if it can all be summed up in a number?) but the biggest factor to this is that I’ve really only been requesting games to review if I’m interested in them. So of course there’s a good chance I’m going to like them.

I’m pretty much on my own with this thing so it doesn’t make sense for me to waste my time and ask for a copy of the Two Worlds: Epic Edition or Too Human or Infinite Undiscovery (sorry, Jon) when there’s stuff like Mercs 2 and Dead Space and Fallout 3 on the way. I also tend to be more lenient with downloadable games, since the risk/reward is much less when you’re spending 10 bucks on a few hours of fun.

But you’ve got a point. Maybe I should get Gamefly going again and rip into some turds.

That being said, two more positive reviews are on the way…

“Why don’t you have more PS3 coverage?”

Trying to work on that. I don’t own a PS3 cause I’m a broke bastard right now, and tried to get a loaner from Sony to no avail. I don’t hate the system (far from it) and don’t like to have to play favorites, but that’s just the way things are.

Heavy Rain is most definitely going to be my breaking point, though, as I’ll have to do whatever it takes to be playing that sucker day one.

“Why’d you cancel my friend request?!”

Dude, my list is damn near full, and I need space for real life friends, and people who I’ll actually play games with online. I include my gamertag at the end of reviews so you can see all the achievements I’ve gotten and see that I’ve actually played a good chunk of the game, something I think all reviewers should do (you’d be surprised how many times I’ve heard of someone not finishing a game before reviewing it). It’s cool to get requests from people I’ll play a game with online here and there but I hate adding gamertags just to have a ton.

But, speaking of that, keep an eye on the main page in the next few weeks or so, as we’re going to try to set up specific MCP nights where all the Chewers can come together and kill each other in peace.

Anyway, I really do hope you’ve been enjoying the coverage on the site and have learned about a few new titles from it. Don’t want it to seem like all I get is hate mail (and it’s much more strongly worded than I let on here) because I get even more kudos, and it’s greatly appreciated.