so you know, Greg Mottola is not upset at a perceived lack of credit for Superbad‘s success – even though some folks have tried to spin this blurb at New York Magazine‘s "Vulture" blog as evidence of hostility toward an allegedly credit-glomming Judd Apatow (who, I’m sure, has never glommed a thing in his life). Sure, Mottola might’ve liked a little more attention at Comic Con, but even dedicated art house filmgoers have to work to remember the director’s surprise indie hit of spring 1997, The Daytrippers (which has been out-of-print on DVD long enough to fetch upwards of $79.99 at Amazon); I doubt he was expecting some geek in a "Kevin Sorbo is My Muscular Christ" t-shirt to rush the microphone and ask, "What’s it like to work with Hope Davis?"

Thanks to the enormous success of Superbad, maybe that day is coming. In the meantime, we’re going to get another Greg Mottola film as soon as next year – a jarring flurry of activity when you consider Mottola just came off a ten year feature drought (he was keeping busy with television). The movie is called Adventureland, and it also marks the return of Mottola as a screenwriter, which, as anyone rich enough to own The Daytrippers on DVD will tell you, is a very good thing. It will star Jesse Eisenberg as a "recent college grad" who settles for working at an amusement park when he fails to get the money together to undertake a dream European vacation. Guess it’s one of them rite de passage flickers like the French make. I like that one with the little feller who goes to the summer resort and screws his mother.

Adventureland is set up at Miramax, and will be produced by Sidney Kimmel, Ted Hope and Anne Carey. I wonder if there’s a part for Kevin Sorbo in it.