the fuck is up with the Justice League movie? The rumors have been flying faster and more furious than Superman on his way to peek into Lois Lane’s house; since I liveblogged Christian Bale’s lack of enthusiasm for a Justice League movie while his Batman trilogy was still happening, more gossip has popped up at an alarming pace. Someone got the mogwai wet!

The newest one comes from IESB, who say that they hear that the Justice League movie will be all CGI and done via mocap, like Beowulf. This doesn’t make a ton of sense to me for a couple of reasons, the biggest of which is that the mocap process takes forever, and Warner Bros isn’t going to hustle this thing into production just to get a movie that will come out in three or four years. But beyond that, I know of two fan-favorite directors who were approached for this project before rumored helmer George Miller came aboard, and neither of these directors are mocap people or were told it was mocap. That doesn’t mean that Miller isn’t pushing to make it mocap, but the vagueness of IESB’s source leads me to believe that if what the source is saying is true, there will be mocap ELEMENTS in the film, most likely the OMACs, who will be filling the role of cannon fodder bad guy. Click the link if you don’t know what an OMAC is.

Meanwhile, Moviehole – who has scary good contacts at Warner Bros –reports that neither Bale or Brandon Routh will be in the Justice League movie. Bale I get, since he doesn’t even like the idea, but why not Routh? Moviehole says Routh will return in the straight Superman Returns sequel, Man of Steel, but I’m of the growing majority who doesn’t believe that movie will ever happen. If that’s the case, Routh has just seen his career prison raped and shiv’ed.

But who knows what the fuck is really going on anyway? Between Warner Bros’ deep interest in getting themselves a good franchise or six, the impending strike clouding all decision making, and the fact that even the best sources could misconstrue or misreport things, I’ve decided not to believe anything completely until I see it officially announced.