Montiel’s follow-up to his strong debut film, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, is just looking better and better. First he added Channing Tatum to the untitled film about a ticket scalper who gets involved in the underground world of New York City streetfighting; Tatum is one of the most exciting and talented up and coming actors, and it’s great to see him reteamed with his Saints director.

Now Montiel has brought on board Terence Howard, an actor whose presence always elevates my interest in a film. In the movie Howard will be playing a street fighting vet who coaches Tatum in the world of brutal bare knuckle boxing.

Here’s an interesting fact: had this story yesterday; I was going to run it then, but got sidetracked. Once they broke it, Variety ran the story as if they generated it. Once again the trades simply steal from the web without attribution or acknowledgment. It’ a complete fucking travesty.