With Matt Reeves trading in one Warner Bros. project for another, one wonders when we’re ever going to see the long languishing Twilight Zone adaptation. We will see it eventually, as producer and star Leonardo DiCaprio is keen to see his project through (the ’59 Rod Serling series is the actor’s favorite show). Right now it’s just a matter of finding a new director and getting the script where all involved parties would like it to be.

Thanks to Vulture, we now have a better idea of where that script is storywise, as they reveal in an aside during a piece about Looper. We now know the film’s a straightforward narrative, without the anthology conceit of John Landis’ 1983 adaptation. Also, looks like there’ll be some time travelin’ afoot:

It follows a test pilot who winds up breaking the speed of light; when he puts down his craft, he discovers that he’s landed a bit late for supper — 96 years late.

Certainly sounds Twilight Zone-y enough, as I’m sure the story allows for ample amounts of weirdness happening in the not-too-distant future. It’d be pretty shitty for DiCaprio to land in the future and everything is just peachy. And 96 seems like an odd number to land on, wonder if there’s any significance to it. Perhaps DiCaprio’s character travels to the future to discover a new Twilight Zone movie is finally making its way into theatres.