time I write something about how shitty anime is and how much I think the otaku should be forcibly sterilized (not that these people would ever get a chance to use their junk with a willing partner), somebody writes me a polite email explaining that I should really go see Grave of the Fireflies. First of all, fuck your polite letters! You want my attention, call me a faggot in the first sentence, or include a reference in the subject line to what an asshole I am. Second of all, send me a free copy of Grave of the Fireflies and maybe I’ll watch it. With a date, so she can see how sensitive I am when I cry at the end, because everybody tells me you have to cry at the end, sort of like when Splinter dies in the TMNT movie.

I may finally have a chance to see Grave of the Fireflies, though… in live action. Set in the final days of WWII in Japan, the story follows two orphaned children as they wander through the blasted moonscape caused by their elders’ evil, imperialistic plans (that one’s for Nanking, mother fuckers!). It’s apparently a complete bummer. The film is being directed by Taro Hyugaji (I used to use his syrup to make fake blood), who was the assistant to Kazuo Hiroki, the dude originally slated to direct who died from a stroke earlier this year.

The live action Grave of the Fireflies is supposed to hit next summer.