in Atlanta, want to see The Brothers Solomon early? You got two ways of doing it. 1) Enter below and get a pass from us. 2) Enter below, get a pass from us, and like it. We’re strictly pro-choice here at CHUD, y’see.

Speaking of pro-choice, babies is what this movie is all about. Well, one in particular. You see it’s about two clueless brothers who are on a crusade to create a grandchild to inspire their dying father to live on. Hilarity ensues. No, it actually does. If you’ve happened upon the red band/age-restricted trailer for this (try the official site), you know it looks to be pretty damn funny. It’s something of a banner year for mainstream comedies, and this actually has the potential to stand with all the champs thus far.

Anyway, if you want to see this flick early,
send me your name via email and your name might just make on our guest
list for the screening to be held at Phipps Plaza on September 5th.