we go a little bit heavy on penis/poop/what have you humor on this site, and I know it can be a bit much for you folks. Also, I want CHUD to be a more accommodating and inclusive site for people to read, and the last thing I want to do is alienate you good folks with juvenile, offensive jokes on end.

I’d much rather that you hit me up with that stuff.

With that in mind, I present Mr. Woodcock. It’s super simple. Sean William Scott plays a wimpy guy who was tormented in high school by his sadistic gym teacher. Now, the guy is marrying his mom. As an aside, there are two interesting globes featured on that poster to the right, and it ain’t the ones Billy Bob Thornton is clutching…y’knowwhatimsayin? Right?

Anyway, we have passes for five mighty Southern
metropolii (welcome back, Birmingham) for readers who follow the rules to the contest and
don’t forget to include their mailing addresses. Just follow the rules below and
hey… why not click around the site and read it? Reading the site is
more important than the occasional free movie pass. It’s the gift of

the correct link below and including your mailing addy (except for
Atlanta peeps, who I will meet and break off at the theater. Don’t ask me what I mean by that.), I want you to do what the marketing department at New Line was too wimpy to do: Use a porn-esque tagline to sell me on this film. It could be a play on "wood." It could be a play on "cock." It could be Kid ‘N Play. I want some dirty taglines, and I want ’em now. You give me that, I give up the pass.

Good luck!