Back before it went into limited release I had the opportunity to screen Safety Not Guaranteed (buy it from CHUD on DVD, Blu-ray). The movie was a blast but sadly never gained any real traction in limited release. The beauty of the strangely sweet movie is in its underlying mystery: Is this a movie about time travel or are we being fooled by a mentally unstable nutter? That’s what Aubrey Plaza’s character is trying to determine as she investigates a mysterious classified ad from someone looking for a buddy to join them on a journey through time. It’s a funny flick and, if you didn’t happen to catch this highly entertaining film in theatres, CHUD wants to help you out.

We’re giving away the DVD to a couple lucky chewers but, before we get into the details, have a look at the trailer:

Here’s how to win:

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Step 3: Send forth the following tweet, EXACTLY:

@roboTimKelly Send me back in time with #CHUD & #SafetyNotGuaranteed

As usual, I have two random times designated. The chewers who tweet closest to that time will win. Clock starts now, we’ll close this one out at 12AM  ET on Tuesday 11/6. Only accepting US entries. I’ll contact the winners on Tuesday 11/6 and we’ll have  discs in the mail ASAP. Best of luck!