The team-up is the thing, and as DC shifts the Justice League film into gear, it’s even affecting other studios and franchises as things like the Jack Ryan reboot are being planned with connective tissue with other films. Other projects like Magic Kingdom (or whatever it’s called) will soon make Roger Rabbit style cramming of IPs together the standard.

In any event, it sounds like Del Toro is happy to hop on this train as well, and he’s even going to be doing it within the DC universe!

Word from Latino Review (and their long dormant scooper Pinche Taco) is that Del Toro has turned in a movie to WB that has absolutely delighted them, and they’re swinging open the water tower door for him. The source goes on to say that not only does Del Toro wish to play in the DC Universe playground, but that he want’s to create a sort of dark Justice League, rounding up all of the DCU canon’s ghosts, ghouls, and supernatural characters for a film tentatively titled Heaven Sent.

Apparently folks like John Constantine, Swamp Thing, The Spectre, Deadman, Zatara and his daughter Zatanna would all team up, or at least interact, in this blockbuster comic book film.

If ever there was a superhero project for Del Toro, this certainly sounds like it, almost to that point that it sounds like total fan wankery. The source has cred though, so it’s more likely than not that this is at least in some sort of discussions. If you’ve followed Del Toro as a developer of projects though, you’ll know that nothing is ever certain until the cameras roll. The filmmaker still has that Haunted Mansion movie he’s supposedly producing among half a dozen others he’s meant to direct. Still, if he wants to keep operating in the studio blockbuster sphere to build himself up some momentum and keep working, this could be the project.

Any other characters on the creepier end of the DCU that you’d like to see show up?