Bale is much funnier and more personable face to face than he is in his films, but I wish he was a little more forthcoming. When asked at the 3:10 To Yuma junket if he had been asked to play Batman in the Justice League movie, he just shook his head*. I can’t tell you if he was saying he wasn’t going to be in the film or if he was sick of  hearing about it – a little of both, I’d say.

Bale then said something that echoes what many fans have been saying (and I’m forced to paraphrase, since I’m still at the roundtables and can’t listen to the tape): he wishes they would wait to make a Justice League film until after he and Christopher Nolan finished their own trilogy.

So that’s the latest word – it’s quite possible that my information that Bale had a crossover in his contract is either wrong or he’s just bucking against it, but at any rate, he’s not going to be wildly happy should a Justice League movie hit theater before Batman Threepeats.

*Russell Crowe, who was at the roundtable with him, said that Bale was offered Green Lantern but didn’t want any roles without a cape.