Isn’t it just like ninjas to attack when you’re scaling the side of a mountain? It seems like terribly poor form, but such is the level of respect Cobra has for the Joes. Much of this we’ve seen before, with Channing Tatum’s Duke still suspiciously absent after that attack early in the trailer. The international preview gives us a better idea of Cobra’s plan, with Arnold Vosloo’s Zartan playing the president who is played by Jonathan Pryce. You’d think someone in our government would take issue with a United States president blowing up London, but nobody’s really¬†challenging¬†him in that war room scene embedded below.

It’s all very complicated, but I have to see the movie. I have no idea how I’m supposed to be playing with all of these action figures I bought last summer. My Roadblock’s just been standing around with nothing to do. These Dwayne Johnson toys are useless without a backstory!