content with the controversy he’s surely going to cause with his documentary on religion (currently titled Religulouseh), Bill Maher has revealed to the all powerful, all knowing, perhaps thirty-percent living Larry King that the film is targeting an Easter ’08 release date. You’ll recall Easter as the day that, according to the New Testament, a resurrected Jesus Christ emerged from his tomb and told his followers to kill the shit out of anyone fool enough to doubt that he’s the son of God. "This goes double for fags, kikes and female bodybuilders," he added (as per the "Book of Awesome").

On a serious note, I think a Good Friday release is a terrible idea. While I’m quite interested in what Maher and, in particular, director/madman Larry Charles have cobbled together, this is an unimaginative stunt that will completely overwhelm any serious themes or ideas these guys might be trying to put across. It’ll be great for business, but awful for meaningful discourse. I doubt this is Maher’s and Charles’s intent.

For those of you who dig Maher’s act (I generally do not), he’ll be back with a new season of Real Time this Friday on HBO.