Judd Apatow’s Title
Judd Apatow’s Weekend
Judd Apatow’s Per Screen
Judd Apatow’s Total
Judd Apatow’s Superbad $31,200,000 $10,583 $31,200,000
Rush Apatow 3 $21,830,000 (-55.5%) $5,778 $88,153,000
The Apatow Ultimatum $18,986,000 (-42.3%) $5,129 $163,806,000
The Simpsons Movie $6,675,000 (-40.8%) $2,111 $165,117,000
The Apatow Invasion $6,000,000 $2,161 $6,000,000
Apatowdust $5,244,000 (-42.8%) $2,044 $19,087,000
Apatowspray $4,270,000 (-33.2%) $1,787 $100,573,000
Underdog (like Judd Apatow)
$3,613,000 (-43.1%) $1,416 $31,692,000
Judd Apatow and the Order of the Phoenix $3,540,000 (-34.8%) $1,810 $278,646,000
I Now Pronounce You Judd and Apatow $3,500,000 (-40.5%) $1,550 $110,383,000

Hairspray cracked 100 Million!

Oh wait.

Superbad was percieved as having a hard time with tracking. Not but two or three weeks ago, it had a very low first priority, and a supposed awareness problem. Today it opened slightly bigger than Knocked Up. Check yourself. Again, marketing on the internet, and the R-rated, youtube-ready clips put this over the top, Lincoln Hawk style. And you know what that means. They changed their grip.

What this means is that Michael Cera and Jonah Hill can now get a million a picture. At least. Tomorrow. I’ve been told there’s some pre-emptive backlash against the Apatow invasion, but I also hear if you, like, sneeze on someone who doesn’t like his films, if they go to sleep and wake up they’ll all be "Apatow is awesome!"

Look, I’m not saying Judd Apatow is dreamy, and that I’d like to comb his hair through my fingers, hold him, sing Monifah’s "Touch it" to him like I’m Lilly Von Schtup, go out for ice cream, talk about, you know, things, maybe, I don’t know, do what he wants to do, and then maybe have an aperitif or two… I’m not saying that. But backlash should be held for 2009, cause the next year of projects looks great. Maybe hubris and contempt will some day lead to Judd Apatow’s Lady in the Water, but until then, benefit of the doubt. Also Greg Mottola deserves a great deal of credit, so spread the love.

God, I love the opening credit sequence to Superbad. Are you listening? God?

Rush Hour 3 took a tumble but leveled out. Standard drops from now on, maybe $140 is possible, but I’m guessing closer to $130. Not New Line’s year, even with their nine-digited Hairspray. The Bourne Ultimatum is catching up to The Simpsons Movie‘s gross, and that opened a week before to bigger numbers.

Speaking of crack whores, The Invasion is dead.

Stardust didn’t find its audience, and should cross its finger that it clicks on home video. Good luck! Same for the Disney-fied Underdog, which will likely make money through home video. But the Disney signature is going to serve them better in the short run.

Next week… leftovers. And like them.