As you’ll be the opposite of shocked to find out, Air New Zealand has a Middle Earth-style flight safety video in celebration of The Hobbit showing in planes these days, and it’s not online for us all to enjoy. It’s adorable, sports a fun cameo, and is especially hilarious as it will move from a guy in a shitty rubber Gollum mask to an actual WETA rendering of Gollum in the plane. I also like that there are something like three Gandalfs on the plane, and the business Gandalf smokes pipe weed.

Oh, and apparently that’s Royd Tolkien (great-grandson) about 30 seconds in.

Flight from Atlanta to New Zealand start somewhere around $1800, so if you’ve absolutely got to see this on an actual plane it might be the most expensive movie ticket you’ve ever bought.

As for The Hobbit, it’s a mere month and a half away and already showing up on TV.