If John McCain wins in November, blame Hillary Clinton and her supporters and delegates. As the Democratic National Convention rumbles to life in Denver, the schism in the party dominates the news coverage, painting the way every moment will be perceived.

Some of this is the media. They need a good story, and Obama being ‘down in the polls’ and feuding with Hillary is a good story. It makes the election into a race and not a coronation. But beyond that there is friction, and Hillary delegates really are feeling butthurt about the primaries.

Man the fuck up. I can’t believe I’m watching ostensible Democrats whining that they might vote for John McCain simply because their candidate didn’t win, or because their candidate didn’t get the second half of the ticket. Any Democrat who votes for McCain as some kind of a protest is a traitor not just to their party and their ideology but, as far as I’m concerned, to their nation. Unless they’ve suddenly changed their entire belief system – if they now are suddenly anti-choice, pro-war, pro-plutocracy – they will be giving their vote to someone who they think will do the wrong thing for their country.

And make no mistake, John McCain is going to do wrong for this country. These have been eight terrible years for the United States, and under McCain we will have four more terrible years (although make no mistake, he’ll only get four years. He’ll probably die in office, the old cocksucker). This election is our last chance to salvage this nation, to return it to the kind of country that you can feel proud to call home and not a redneck right wing religious nut hellhole.

So Hillary supporters, grow up, dammit. Don’t cost us the future of this country because you’re a bunch of punk-ass bitches.