This news is simple: Bryan Singer has officially signed on to replace Matthew Vaughn as the director of X-Men: Days of Future Past, following the latter’s reboot of the franchise with First Class.

Singer will return to the X directing chair a decade after abandoning the franchise to go make the Man Of Steel soar right into the earth. As the prodigal director returns, there’s no word on if Tom Rothman will make him kneel in front of the crew and scream, “I ABANDONED MY FRANCHISE!” while being slapped in the face.

I hope this is good news, but honestly Singer’s been out of the tentpole game for a while, and his last action outing is a great big pile of ZZZZZZZ. Hopefully he hasn’t lost his chops, as at one time he was shepherding some pretty sharp, unique spectacle to the big screen. Jack The Giant Slayer hasn’t been treated in a manner that belies studio confidence, but that one’s still a big question mark.

This is about like Jackson going back to Middle Earth- yeah he belongs there, but does he still have “it” when he’s effectively crawling back to it?

Source | Deadline