news out of Hollywood
is coming fast and furious with Das Strike looming (I’m actually “in final
negotiations” for The Larry B. Scott Story. It’s good work if you can get it).
That means actors and actresses are getting good, bad, and ugly options offered
to them like never before. For Scarlett Johansson – who wasn’t exactly hurting
for work beforehand – it’s mostly good. She’ll get another chance (after The
Black Dahlia
y’ know) to
get her noir femme fatale on with The Spirit, where she’ll play Silk,
the sexy bad girl assistant dedicated to Sam Jackson’s Octopus (not what you

also joined the star-laden romantic comedy He’s Just Not That Into You, and
will shoot that before moving on the aforementioned big comic-book flick. Rounding
out the trio of new flicks for our gal is Mary Queen of Scots, where she’ll,
of course, grab the titular (Yes, I said it) role. This particular flick
focuses on the early life of the queen and her relationships, which sounds right
about her speed. I’m more looking forward to The Spirit than any of
the others, not because of her likely looking smashworthy in it, but rather
because she’s going to at least play at evil a wee bit which I haven’t seen her
do before. I don’t remember the comics but so much, so I don’t remember if she’s
a genuine villain or more of a siren who’s not that bad like Catherine
Zeta-Jones in The Phantom. Either way, bring it.

course, if there’s any room left in her schedule, I still might approach her
about The Larry B. Scott Story. What?!…it’s a good script!