Okay yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Still, a cool poster does not a cool movie make, and The Wolverine has the steepest of uphill climbs ahead of it. Years of development under a genius, a new writer, a new director, and admission from Jackman that the last one was a pile is all nice to have between this and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but still…. steep.

This image release came with an online chat with director James Mangold and producer/star Hugh Jackman in which they elaborate on their decision to set the film in the future, well beyond the X-Men films we’ve seen. This gets them away from more origin story and into dealing with Wolverine’s immortality in his own world. You get details about Jackman’s workout (he called The Rock!) and a good bit more about what they’re trying to accomplish.

I think it may warm your heart for the project some. Check it out.

via /Film