A couple years ago I saw a really bizarre flick: John Turturro’s pseudo-musical Romance & Cigarettes. (Click here and scroll down to read the original festival coverage.) A few other people saw it, too, at the Venice film fest and in a limited European release. But the US rights have been tied up in red tape, thanks to the old acquisition of MGM by Sony.

Now, with Sony’s DVD plans still very tentative, Turturro has been given the go-ahead to release the film in New York at the Film Forum, starting September 7. The run is open-ended, but don’t expect it to last terribly long.

If you have the chance, go check it out. This is a freaked, bizarre love story. Not so much odd in content as presentation, with lip-synced songs and intentionally amateurish dance numbers. But it’s just as fun and charming as it is awkward, and I’m glad to see it getting even a brief moment in theaters here.