years ago Howard Stern announced that he’d be producing and ‘presenting’ a remake of Bob Clark’s teen sex classic Porky’s. In the years since it looked like the project had quietly just slipped away, as so many planned movies do. But now Slashfilm is reporting that Stern says the movie is back on track and actually greenlit. “They say they can even start shooting in October, but I don’t know if that’s true,” Stern said, apparently on his radio show.

According to Slashfilm, Stern has said that there are two competing scripts and what they’re doing now is combining them into one ubermovie. “We’re going to combo them now because there’s funny jokes in both and you have to figure out which is better for the movie. And I obsess on shit too because you want it to be good.”

Smells like another strike movie to me! As Slashfilm notes, the future of the Porky’s remake will hinge on how Superbad does this weekend; a great opening for that movie will convince studio types that the R-rated teen comedy is good business, even though I venture that a Howard Stern version of Porky’s would be wildly different from the greatness, heart and hilarity of Superbad.