don’t have big Hollywood aspirations, but I have always harbored the dream of remaking a film called Blue Movies, a 1988 teen sex romp that sees two schmucks trying to get laid by making a porno. This basic concept still appeals to me at age 33, and I sometimes wonder if I had jumped into the web porn world instead of the web geek world how different my life would be today.

I’ll probably never have a chance to make the film because there’s been a recent mini-glut of ‘regular people make pornos’ lately (see: I Want Candy and The Moguls), and now Kevin Smith has joined that craze with Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Originally Miri was going to be played by Rosario Dawson, but she dropped out for a movie that would be watchable. Now Aint It Cool is reporting that they know who will be Zack: none other than Michael Bluth, Jason Bateman.

I can see why Bateman would want to take this role – it’s called his career before Arrested Development and after Valerie’s Family, ie the 90s. You gotsa pay the mortgage. And while I don’t like the idea of someone with Bateman’s comic talents getting sucked into Smith rep company of mediocrity, maybe he can elevate the proceedings a little bit higher and make things a little bit funnier with his perfect timing and delivery.

Now how much you want to bet that Jennifer Schwalbach gets a role where she has to make out with Bateman? Psycho-sexual issues ahoy!