MSRP $19.98
STUDIO Entertainment One
RUNNING TIME 60 minutes
• Animated Short

The Pitch

Katt Williams comes out of retirement to promote ignorance and paranoia.

The Humans

Katt Williams

The Nutshell

Katt Williams ushers in Kattpacalypse, with an explosive New Year’s Eve Performance filmed live in front of 7000 screaming fans at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. Riffing on everything from Doomsday to Obama, Katt takes the stage with the swagger of a championship boxer, firing off verbal jabs that deliver the funny again and again in a non-stop comedic onslaught.

Today’s stagecraft lesson: subtlety!

The Lowdown

On December 31, 2011, Katt Williams came out of a three-year retirement for a massive event at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. That event was Kattpacalypse. The enormous venue was packed with thousands of jubilant fans, all of whom eagerly welcomed Katt onto the stage.

What followed was one of the weirdest, most offensive celebrations of ignorance I’ve ever witnessed.

The dynamic between a stand up comic and their audience changes drastically depending on the size of the audience. In a small comedy club, it’s all about the laughs. But as a comic standing in the center of a huge arena, the goal is to get thousands of people to agree with you. Almost like a religious leader, or dictator.

There must be magic in that hair.

Williams, his hair done in a “mayor of Who-ville” style, storms onto the stage. He is dressed to the nines, adorned with a polka-dotted bow tie. He races around the stage, upon which a large staircase, several thrones (yes, several), and two scantily clad women can be seen. What makes Kattpacalypse so eerie, though, is that it feels like a hateful sermon.

Williams promptly begins screaming some material about Obama, his face shining with a greasy flop sweat. His movements are so fervent and manic that the camera can barely keep up with him. His tone throughout the entire set is distinctly preachy, of the fire and brimstone variety.

Stay down, please.

While these things don’t necessarily make for poor comedy, Williams’ material is so bad that Kattpacalypse may go down in history as one of the most poorly written stand up specials of the last decade.

Here are just several of the ideas he preaches during his set:

• Women shouldn’t pleasure themselves, because it decreases the attractiveness of their genitalia. What?!
• Evolution is false, because apes still exist. I’m at a loss for words here.
• The Mayan predictions about 2012 are true, because we supposedly can’t find the bones of dead Mayans.

I really, really wish I was joking. What is truly disturbing about Kattpacalypse, however, is that the audience is loving every second of it.

Beer makes most things funnier. Most things.

I am rarely offended by a comedian, but this hour-long performance has the potential to kill brain cells with Williams’ ignorant, paranoid, bigoted material. Avoid at all costs.

The Package

As far as audio and video quality is concerned, there’s nothing particularly bad. The 5.1 Surround track has a surprising amount of crowd ambiance in the rear channels. The only extra is an animated short featuring a several bits from the show. The animation looks good and is actually pretty funny, but is ultimately overshadowed by Williams’ screaming voiceover.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars