one movie finished (Hard Candy) and another on the way, David Slade is already a very sought-after director; I’ve talked to a couple of people in the last few weeks who have mentioned his name as being on short lists for upcoming films, including one comic book adaptation that I alternately dread and get incredibly excited about. Slade’s taking advantage of the storm of interest in him by lining up his next gigs right now even as finishes 30 Days of Night post; according to Neil Gaiman, the director has signed on to helm a big screen adaptation of Neverwhere.

Neverwhere was a BBC TV series created by Neil Gaiman, which was about an alternate London – London Below- that co-exists with the London we all know and where we pay six American dollars for a small coffee. Gaiman later the TV show into a novel while it was filming, and the novel was itself adapted into a comic book by Mike Carey and Glenn Fabry. A movie has been bandied about for years now, but apparently the time is finally right.

“They’re using my script from 2000, and they want me to polish it up a bit,” Gaiman tells MTV’s in-house sweetheart Jennifer Vineyard. For Gaiman this is a nice second chance at the concept and material, since the original TV series is pretty cheap looking. The movie may end up with the Weinstein Company, and Gaiman tells MTV that Slade is onboard to direct. When this is going to happen will be something else altogether, especially if Slade keeps getting lots of offers.