Indiana Jones web videos continue, with the latest one being a complete fluff piece on ‘Reuniting the Family.’ We get a couple of shots of Indy and friends today, but most of the video is made up of clips of the original trilogy while people yak on the soundtrack saying how fun it is to be back. This is pure and simple EPK shit, the kind of stuff that nobody saw pre-DVD (except the people who edited them up into Entertainment Tonight or local news bits), which we’re now being pre-sold. And we’ll probably be sold it again on DVD, possibly using the Peter Jackson method of creating a completely separate DVD release featuring nothing BUT web videos. Content Rules Everything Around Me.

Meanwhile, Slashfilm has confirmed some of what we’ve been telling you for a whileIndiana Jones and the City of Gods is looking like the prime candidate title for Indiana Jones IV. They got this info when Paramount registered six different titles for the movie, including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (toldja so, muthafuckas!). The other titles are a little weak, and I really think that City of Gods is going to be the one they go with, although Destroyer of Worlds, which references Robert Oppenheimer, is a cool enough title.

Click here to be fluffed by the latest Indiana Jones IV video. Or wait until DVD. It’ll be part of the ‘THREE HOURS OF EXTRA FEATURES!’ you’ll be paying for.