We should have seen this coming. I mean, really. It’s just that Wizard World Chicago, once the biggest comic book convention after San Diego, doesn’t seem to matter so much anymore, even if it is technically still second in line.

But with The Dark Knight doing a bunch of location shooting in Chicago, it makes sense that Nolan & Co. would pick this year’s con as the location to debut footage and make the coveted personal appearance.

IGN, reporting from the con, notes that Christopher and Jonathan Nolan were both in attendance for a panel, along with David Goyer, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart. They staged a short Q&A, but more important, also brought along a sizzle reel cobbled together from what currently exists of the film — about 50%.

The Joker was prominently shown, Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face was strongly alluded to and Bruce Wayne, Batman and the Tumbler were all given their own moments in front of the projector bulb. There’s no YouTube appearance of the footage (yet) but enterprising searchers can easily find the panel already uploaded for your perusal.

Click here to hit IGN and read their full rundown of the scooptacular event. And eat it, San Diego.