you own or loved the issue to the right, then you are a soulmate of mine [and probably someone who appreciated the Deadpool homage]. If issues #26 and #27, which revealed the origins of Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow and their Hard and Soft Masters and whatnot, are pivotal comic book experiences for you…

We are united.

Then again, Larry Hama’s seminal 80’s comic book lost its sheen after the emergence of Serpentor, Tomax and Xamot, and other assorted silly shit. But, there were great times to be had in the GI Joe property for quite a while. Great toys. Great comics (I also loved the big battle at Snake-Eyes’ cabin with Firefly as well as the issue where the Rattler and Sky Striker locked horns).

The cartoon, which most folks consider the real eye-opener, was decent but in reality it was oftentimes plain useless and could never match the early issues of the comic as well as our own backyard battles, ones where the weapons shot bullets instead of lasers and exploding crafts left sizzling dead bodies and not multitudes of parachutes.

You knew a Gi Joe movie was coming, Lorenzo Di Bon Aventura had the property and he was going to use it. I applaud him. GI Joe could be a great flick if handled well. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Peter Dinklage as Roadblock?

Rumor has it via IGN that Stephen (The Mummy, Van Helsing) Sommers has landed the directorial gig, which means he’ll probably be involved in every aspect. A few years ago, this could have started a windfall of fanboy fire but Sommers is a whipping boy of the old guard of Internetfolk. I actually think he may be a good choice [though Peter Berg, Joe Carnahan, Edgar Wright, and Nick Nunziata would be perfect], and I’ll tell you why.

Deep Rising. What a fun mix of personalities that film had. All sorts of badasses and badass wannabes thrust together with beaucoup ammunition and opportunities galore. It’s not Gi Joe, and it’s rated R, but it’s fun and colorful and eccentric. If Sommers still has that in him and applies it to this concept, we’re in for a great time at the movies.

If he doesn’t and just throws in the kitchen sink, we’re going to be saying "fuck" a lot.