STUDIO: Bill Zebub
MSRP: $16.95
RATED: Not rated
RUNNING TIME: 87 minutes
• Outtakes
• Skits

The Pitch

Niggers, fags, spics, blackface, jailbait dancing in lingerie. Repeat.

The Humans

White people only, apparently.

The Nutshell

See The Pitch.

The Lowdown

I’m at a loss for words on this one. Truly. Check out this link to Bill Zebub’s website (here) and you might get some sense of who Bill Zebub is and what he does. But in regards to Spooked…wow. It’s an attempt at moviemaking and comedy…barely. Or it’s Bill and a bunch of his friends with a lot of time to kill, an inkling to be in front of a camera and a fuckload of opinions on race relations and religion that are only going to appeal to death metal fringe enthusiasts.

Spooked is basically a hodgepodge of skit ideas from Bill and his friends and most of them concern speaking ill of every race and kind of people that aren’t white. Period. Throw in some backyard wrestling, some of Jersey’s not-so-finest pole dancer wannabes gyrating for minutes at a time in lingerie to metal; and Bill himself sporting blackface as a schlub reincarnated as a jive talking black dude, and there’s Spooked. If everybody in this film is racist, then that’s painfully apparent. If they’re not and they’re just pretending to hate minorities this much, they’re convincing. Damned if I can tell the difference.

I consider myself as far from a prude in any sense of the word imaginable. I love vulgar language, sexual content, blood and death and carnage…in a movie at least. I don’t get offended by racial epithets, and if this is all an exercise in pushing racial humor way, way beyond the boundaries, I get the intent.  No, that doesn’t offend me. What does offend me are God-awfully unwatchable frames of film flashing by my eyes at 24 frames a second. And that’s all Spooked is.

The Package

Skits and outtakes.

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