You mention that you still want to do a superhero film. You’ve been attached to Thor – is that still happening?’

I’m not attached. We’re still discussing it. I’m interested in it.

That’s from Devin’s interview with Matthew Vaughn that ran a few hours ago, though it was recorded about a week back.

Now you don’t have to spend long months wondering if Stardust‘s own rising star is going to cast his eye next towards the Norse Pole (that might actually be a porn flick) because Variety has announced a confirmation that Vaughn will indeed work with Marvel Studios to bring the mighty Thor to the big screen.

The current script is by Mark Protosevich, the man who wrote Will Smith’s I Am Legend adaptation, and whose last name lends itself to an atomic superhero’s secret identity more than any other I’ve seen.

Without having read the script I pretty well love this idea. Vaughn is in the sort of ‘promising young director’ arena Bryan Singer was in when he took on X-Men, but I think Vaughn is a much better filmmaker. And Thor is just such a bizarre choice to offer up to a mainstream audience; do you spin him as a man, a god or an alien? All of the above? Variety runs this as a description: Thor is a blonde-tressed, hammer-wielding hero who’s sent to Earth to protect mankind.

While the picture is aiming to start this winter, let’s wait and see how well Beowulf does in November before getting set on any one take on the character. Things could change a little if Zemeckis bombs. The Norse might not be very popular in LA boardrooms then.

And since Marvel Studios seems to love talking openly about potential spin-off flicks as soon as one film gets off the ground, I want to start getting details on Beta Ray Bill within a month. Make it happen, Mr. Feige!