Creator Mitch Hurwitz and company have been hard at work in the past year reassembling the cut-down-in-its-prime Arrested Development for its renewed run on Netflix. Not only will these new episodes feature all of a main cast that includes Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter to name a few; but we’ll also be visited by our favorite guest stars in the form of Liza Minelli as Lucille Two and Carl Weathers as his stew-lovin’ self. Now we now it won’t end there, as Will Arnett appeared on Conan last night to reveal the celebrated late night host and cohort Andy Richter will be guesting as well.

Richter of course is no stranger to the series, having appeared alongside identical brothers Donnie, Chareth, Rocky and Emmet in season three. This will be O’Brien’s first appearance however, though still no word on if the performers will be playing themselves or entirely new characters. Embedded below is video of Arnett’s appearance on Conan: